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My Little Love Story Photo Contest from Pretend They're Talking

Pretend They're Talking is having another photo contest, My Little Love Story.
"It's simple. Do you have two ponies that are the lovebirds of your collection? Maybe they've always been together, ever since you first got them as a kid....or maybe when she or he showed up in your growing collection it was love at first sight for one of your existing ponies. Maybe their colors just work. Maybe their symbols make it seem like they'd have something in common. Maybe you just know they're in love. No matter the reason, I want to hear about your happy couple!

The winner will be the new happy owner of a G1 Twice As Fancy Milky Way MLP!


To enter, submit both a photo of the couple and an explanation of why these two ponies found each other."
Deadline for entry is February 28, 2011. For additional rules and information, including how to enter, visit Pretend They're Talking.


Anne Irvine-Ondrey said...

Hi there! It's Anne from Pretend They're Talking...thanks so much for featuring my contest on your site! :) I greatly appreciate the help in getting to word out. The entries I've received so far are fabulous and I can't wait to see what else comes my way. I may be adding a second prize to the contest if the high interest continues!

Thanks so much again...I'll add a link to your site on PTT. Pony Hugs to all!
Anne :)

Grid Gnome said...

Oh sweet! I'm so happy Anne got featured!

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