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Pinkie Pie Development Sketch

By Kate, Editor in Chief

Pinkie Pie Development Sketch by ~LadyDraconic on deviantART

Equestria Daily linked to this Pinkie Pie development sketch, posted by Lady Draconic on deviantArt.
"Here's the story. When the MLP FIM charity auctions were announced I sold off my entire Pokemon merchandise collection for the Pinkie Pie sketch. It really meant a lot to me.

Why? Because Pinkie Pie was pretty much me as a kid. I was the one bouncing around randomly singing songs about cardboard boxes or whatever I saw. People HATED me for it. The amount of abuse I dealt with for it was overwhelming and I ended up hating myself.

Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic helped me stop hating myself. The more I saw the character the more I realized there was nothing wrong with me to begin with. I figured the auctions would kill two birds with one stone. I'd be donating to help my favourite country, and I'd have a piece of the character's history. Needless to say Pinkie Pie means a lot to me.

$1,300 doesn't get you very far in an auction, and I was outbid within four hours. I made a post on Ponychan, not expecting anything just wanting to vent. To my surprise when I woke up I saw Lauren Faust herself had posted in the thread asking for me to contact her! I seriously was blown away!

So I donated the money to charity and this picture sits by my bed. I absolutely adore it, it captures the randomness of Pinkie Pie perfectly! I can never thank Ms. Faust enough for this, and I'll surely never forget it.

I wasn't going to post this, because I don't want her harassed by anyone but I'm sure others would want to see a piece of this character's history so I hope she doesn't mind. X_X

This is an original Pinkie Pie development sketch drawn by Ms Faust herself in 2008. The frame makes it appear slightly wrinkled unfortunately X_X"


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