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Third Evolution of a Scene video.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

Recently, 'Evolution of a scene' videos have been popping up. These videos offer a behind the scenes look at some animation sequences from the first season of Friendship is Magic. The newest one to have surfaced comes from episode five, and shows the scene where Gilda puts her tail in a vegetable cart to prank Granny Smith. Granny Smith mistakes the tail for a rattlesnake, and suggests that everyone vacate the premises, then proceeds to flee from the cart with what I can only assume for Granny Smith, is great haste.

If you're into animation, these are really cool watches. Even if you aren't, they're still a fun look at how the people behind Friendship is Magic iron the kinks out of, and finalize a scene.

The first one can be found here. This one is from episode 23, and the particular sequence has Fluttershy calming some of the local wildlife after she fell from Cloudsdale (and had a very fortunate landing on swarm of butterflies.)

And here's the second one. It shows the aftermath of Twilight demonstrating her natural ice skating skills.

As soon as more show up, I'll definitely be linking to them!


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