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More pony art from the makers!

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

Jim Miller who, according to his blog, is both large, and creates a vacuum, (his blog is titled Big Jim Sucks) has posted some pony art. In season one, he acted as a storyboard artist, and for season two, has been promoted to storyboard supervisor.

For those not familiar with the production of film and animation, a storyboard artists job is to make sketches of the scenes, detailing how the action is going to unfold, and how sequences are going to be animated. This gives the animators and directors an idea of how things will look before they decided animate (which is a much more labour intensive than storyboarding) The drawings aren't super detailed, just quick sketches, like what Sibsy (another storyboard artist for FiM) posted on her Deviant Art page.

These official art releases are pretty awesome! If any more show up, I'll be posting them on MLPNews.


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