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New theme song for season two?

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

By now I'm sure we're all aware who Daniel Ingram is, the composer for Friendship is Magic. He's been pretty active in the MLP community, insinuating that he'd like to make it some of the MLP meet ups, saying if he gets 5,000 likes on his facebook page, he'll release a demo for one of the songs from the show, and he has a twitter account.

He recently mentioned on twitter that he received the 'newly mastered' theme song;

"Just got back the newly mastered theme song. Sooooo sweeeeet."

New theme song for season two? Maybe! Or just the old theme song remastered? Not sure! I'll definitely let ya all know if anything else is figured out.

UPDATE. On Twitter, I asked Daniel Ingram if it was in fact a new song, or just the old track remastered, and he was kind enough to respond!

After the singing Twilight Sparkle plush was found to have a different version of the opening theme, I was thinking that maybe there'd be a new theme song. Apparently it's not to be!


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