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Season 2 to be loaded with magics, friendships, and musics.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

Image by Zilleniose.

That's not really news per se. Anyone who's seen the first season is aware that in Equestria, these things are plentiful. I doubt many of us were expecting season two to be full of science, angst, and construction work, though those things might make an appearance in season two, it is not something I can confirm.

I can however confirm that there will be musics, 10-20 songs, even! How do I know this? Because Daniel Ingram said so! On his Facebook page, someone inquired as to how many songs would be in season two, and Daniel Ingram filled him on the details, saying there will be between 10 and 20 songs.

Click image to embiggen.

I'd like to see Rainbow Dash get her own song, she never got to carry the melody for more than a few lines in season one!

Who would you like to see get their own songs?

Thanks to Equestria Daily for the heads up.


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