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Season two spoilers, so soon?! Yes, so soon.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

As a NewsColt I'm aware it's my duty to investigate and report what happens in and around Equestria, however I'm afraid I will not be diving into spoilers. When I saw some spoilers posted at Ponyville Gazette, I knew I was going to have to report on it, but while I was there to fetch the link, I held my hand in front of my monitor so as not to see any possible spoilers.

Now, I know some a lot most all of you are eager to see episode one, and as we know, it is a two parter, and it's going to be titled "The Return of Harmony". The description of episode has leaked, but it's not too much of a spoiler. It's the description you read when you highlight a show on your cable box. And that description is; "Discord escapes from his stone prison and Twilight and her friends act quickly to find the Elements of Harmony to stop him".

That's enough for me! That's where I stop, that's all I want to know, don't want to see or read anything else till then! Now, like I said, we're all excited for the first episode, and I know some of you can not wait, and fortunately for you, you can read some spoilers here. The spoilers just cover episode one, we don't know much about episode two other than it concludes the first episode. After that, it's a mystery!

In other spoiler news, there was a Tumblr account claiming to be run by someone who had done voice over work for Friendship is Magic. They were answering questions about season two, what's going to be in it, what characters return, etcetera. That account has turned out to be totally bogus! Thanks to Derpy Hooves Central for the heads up on this, and you can read all about that here.

Season two is imminent! I'm super excited! I've never been this excited for a new season of a TV show! What are you guys hoping to see in season two? Ditzy/Derpy being more than a background pony, more songs, more Cutie Mark Crusaders, more episodes focusing on characters other than the Mane Six? More apples?!


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