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Swap Roundup

By Kate, Editor in Chief

Image via coloring books (no longer available on site)

Sign-ups are open for the following MLP Arena pony swaps:

Cultural Pony Swaps
"The idea is to share ponies, candy and a bit of your local culture. No matter where we live there is always something native to our area~ food, music, animals, a nature park, a theme park~ that is specific to where we live. So let's get creative and share a bit of our homes with each other!"
Deadline for sign-ups is August 14, 2011.

Fashion Swap
"Do you enjoy prettying up your ponies? Whether it's Tex in his cowboy hat, Bowtie with a homemade scarf, or Quackers decked out in ribbons and flowers, all ponies enjoy looking their best. Here is your opportunity to embrace your love for pony fashion!"
Deadline to sign-up is August 15, 2011.

Advent Calendar Swap
"A present a day means that we make an own Advent Calendar for our partner. We will wrap up 25 little packages with gifts for our partner, give all these packages a number (1 - 25) and ship them all in one box before the shipping deadline is over. "
Deadline to sign-up is August 19, 2011


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