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Lauren Faust talks with Equestria Daily.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

This is a really great interview! Lauren Faust sits down with Equestria Daily to talk all things season one. The show, it's creation, the production process, pretty much everything you'd want to know about it, she answers. It's really awesome, and it's so apparent Lauren Faust cares a lot about the show. It's as good a show as it is because she helped make it that good.

When I heard she had left the FiM team after season two, and her involvement in season two was minimal, I was curious as to what effect that would have on the show, but after reading this interview, most of my doubts have been quelled. I'm sure Jayson Thiessen, and the rest of the crew at FiM will keep making a good show despite Mrs. Faust stepping down.

Blah blah blah, I'm sure you want the link. Here it is.

Equestria Daily wants to keep this exclusive to EQD, so feel free to link it, but don't cut and paste the entire thing on Tumblr!


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