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Letter From the Editor: Technical Difficulties

By Kate, Editor in Chief

Hi Ponyfans,

I ran into some technical difficulties this afternoon surrounding something I accidentally posted to this site. If you happened to notice them before they got deleted (or if they're still in your RSS reader), please excuse the flurry of posts between 3:00ish and 4:00ish pm PT today.

On the plus side, this mistake brought to my attention that the Twitter and Facebook feeds have been down for a week. They should be working again going forward. To catch up on the past week, please visit the main site at

Regarding that accidental post - I generally don't post personal stuff on this site, but I just had a baby two weeks ago. The post was his birth announcement, which I had intended to post to a private blog, but unfortunately ended up posting here. It does have some personal information on it, so if you saw it, please respect our privacy and ignore it. Baby and I are doing well. I'm taking a 'maternity leave' from this site, but the rest of the awesome MLP News Staff has continued to post and run things in my absence. (Thanks team!)


Editor in Chief
My Little Pony News


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