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Ponies invade the Nordic countries.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

They're very happy to be in your countries.

Sweden, Norway, and Finland! Can't stop the pony, guys. They're taking over the world. I can not speak for the Norwegian and Finnish dubs, seeing as Finnish is a great mystery to me, nor do I speak Norwegian, men, fär den Svenska dub, jag kanna ha än åsikt sedan jag kanna (typ av) pratar Svenska, men, min Svenska är så så dålig. My Swedish is bad and I should feel bad. I do speak Swedish, poorly at best. Realistically, I'm barely qualified to read a Swedish cereal box.

That's not the point of this article. The point is ponies are coming to you, Finns, Swedes, and Norwegians. I don't know what network, or when they'll be airing, but the opening videos and a few scenes from each have shown up on YouTube.

Here's the Norwegian opening;

Here's a bit from The Ticket Master dubbed in Swedish (my Swedish is bad, but I don't think the dub is too bad);

And here's the entirety of The Ticket Master in Finnish!

When will ponies be translated to your native tongue? I don't know! But I assure you that when it happens, we'll be reporting on it.


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