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Sibsy to appear on 'The Brony Show'.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

Sibsy draws Sibsy as a pony

Sibsy, also known as Sabrina Alberghetti, is a storyboard artist for Friendship is Magic, and has started getting more involved with the community. She recently stopped by the Equestria Daily IRC, and now is going to be appearing on 'The Brony Show', which is a podcast that disucsses all things My Little Pony. The community, the show, upcoming merchandise, and so on.

'The Brony Show' is going to be having a 12 hour marathon broadcast, and Sibsy has agreed to appear on the show.

You can read her talking about being on the show here. Tune into The Brony Show on Saturday between six and seven PM (PST) to hear what Sabrina/Sibsy has to say!


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