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Weekend Wrap Up.

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

I saw this image on Equestria Daily and really liked it. There's no Scootaloo in this post, I just like this picture. Sorry Scootaloo fans.

My ISP found it necessary to block the IPs of websites to which I regularly upload content, the IPs they blocked were MLP News, and my personal server. Their reason being I might have a virus that's using my computer to spread malicious software. However, I merely upload (sometimes large) images to My Little Pony News, and I upload work related things to my server. Many phone calls and emails were exchanged, and I once again full use of my internets, hooray!

This hiccup came at a bad time, seeing as this weekend was flooded with news. Let's get started!

Lauren Faust, the young woman who was the focal point of the creation and conception of Friendship is Magic has recently uploaded a bunch of concept sketches to her Deviant Art page. Most of them are from 2008, and contain sketches from what she calls the shows 'pitch bible'. It's pretty cool seeing how the show came to be.

Dash is not amused.

I could link you to all of the individual sketches, but there's about twenty of them, so it's easier to go to her gallery on Deviant Art. If you have an account add them to your favourites and leave some comments, let her know we want to see more!

Oh man, I just had a thought. What if Lauren Faust can eventually fenagle the necessary rights to release a Friendship is Magic art book? That would be so awesome.

BroNYcon is a thing that happened this weekend, and from what I've gathered, it was kind of a big deal. I wasn't there, so I'm not really sure. I do however know that Jayson Thiessen was in attendance, and was of course, questioned by attendees. And NO ONE brought a handheld recorder to record his Q&A? No one brought a Zoom H2, not even a Tascam DR-05? Seriously, ya all, next time something like this happens, get in touch with me, I'll let you borrow my Zoom H2 to record any Q&As. Use the 'contact us' link, and shoot us an email saying 'Hey man I'm going to this MLP convention and Sibsy/Jayson/Lauren/Daniel/whoever from the show is going to be there. I don't have a handheld recorder, but I hear Ed has one he's willing to let someone borrow', and I will get you the hook up.

Despite an audio recording not propagating, a fan with a good memory was in attendance, and has summarized his answers to all of the questions here.

And, oh, yeah, episode two aired this weekend. If you missed it, give it a download here.

I think that's it. TV & Movie news should now be returning to it's regular schedule, sorry about the downtime!


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