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Guest Post: My Little Pony Parties

By Olivia Nicholas, Guest Reporter

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In 1983, Hasbro toys introduced My Little Pony to a world of eager children. Almost 30 years later, the brand continues to expand its popularity as well as its core fan base. Invented by Bonnie D. Zacherle, Charles Muenchinger and Steven D. D'Aguanno, the original My Little Pony line ran for 12 years and provided lasting inspiration for a feature-length film and three animated television series. Even though the original line is no longer in production, My Little Pony is still one of the most well-loved toy lines in the world and is often a popular theme for all kinds of children’s parties.

Elements of My Little Pony Parties
Children of all ages love the My Little Pony line. Small children are enchanted by the magic of the mythology as well as the toys’ colorful skin and hair. Older children, especially girls, often continue to adore the toy line due to its cult status across a wide range of age groups.  It’s not surprising to see college age students with My Little Pony accessories attached to purses, back packs or key rings. Even some seasoned adults display toys and accessories related to this enduring and charming brand. The ongoing popularity makes it easy to throw a party with a My Little Pony theme. To get started, take a look at some of the elements of toy pony themed parties in the following sections.

The first step of any party is sending out the invitations. Many retailers offer a large assortment of party invitations depicting horses similar to the My Little Pony line of characters. If you can’t find preprinted invitations locally, check Internet resources like Zazzle or eBay to find out of print My Little Pony items or products that bear a strong resemblance to the brand. You can also make your own invitations out of colorful construction paper, pony drawings, or pictures of the toys clipped from magazines and printed from the Internet.

It may be a challenge to find official My Little Pony party décor as the brand is no longer in production; however, a little creative thinking will most likely yield a satisfactory solution. Many times local flea markets and even yard sales contain a treasure trove of unused My Little Pony products. If that fails, turn to the Internet once more and explore the little-known cache of pony party gear. As with the invitations, you could also create your own pony décor using official product packaging, images from the Internet or even hand colored My Little Pony coloring books.  If the party is for small children, get them involved with the decorations for an extra touch of childhood charm. All colors of the rainbow work well for parties of this theme, with a little extra emphasis on pink, purple and bright blue.

Almost any traditional birthday party game can become a My Little Pony game.  Check out some of these fun examples:

• Pin the Tail on the Pony: Use a large pony drawing or an oversized My Little pony poster and “pony tails” cut from colored construction paper.
• Musical Ponies: Put a fun spin on this old classic by having the guests sit still and pass a stuffed pony around to a musical beat. When the music randomly stops, whoever has the pony gets a treat but must sit out the rest of the game.
• Find the Pretty Pony: Buy an assortment of tiny stuffed ponies and decorate one with markers or beads. Hide them around the house or in the yard and have the kids find them as in an Easter egg hunt.  The one who finds the pretty pony wins a special prize.
• Pony Race: If your party is outside, make little pony tails for each child out of scrap cloth before the party starts. Give everyone a pony tail and tape it (or pin it if the children are old enough) to the back of their pants. Have the children race from one end of the yard to the other in pairs, then pit the winners of each heat against each other to determine a tournament champion.

When it comes to food, your imagination is your only limitation.  A pony shaped cake always goes over well as does a rainbow cake typical of the My Little Pony world.  Other ideas include pony shaped cookies, jello ponies, sandwiches shaped like ponies and horsie haystacks made of chocolate and coconut. An Internet search can return literally thousands of fun My Little Pony recipes that both children and adults will love.

Andrea Boley is a writer and mom.  She is always happy to share her passion for life and experiences through her work, and in her spare time works as a freelance writer for Storkie.

 [Editor's Note: Thanks to Olivia Nicholas, our Guest Reporter. If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please Contact MLPNews].


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