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Pinkie Pie Signed by Lauren Faust - Charity Auction

By Kate, Editor in Chief

Image Source

Reader Nikki let us know about her awesome auction for Pinkie Pie signed by Lauren Faust, with proceeds going to charity.
"Hi Everypony!
I have up for auction a very unique Pinkie Pie: she has been personally signed by the creator of Friendship is Magic: LAUREN FAUST!!!!
Proceeds from this auction will be going to Ms. Faust's charity of choice: Wildlife Learning Centre of Southern California!
This is a very unique, possible OOAK Pinkie Pie and may be your only chance to own a signed piece by the person whom brought so much awesomeness to our lives, and not to mention help out a great cause.

Details: Pinkie Pie is new but removed from her package and her hair lightly styled. She has been signed on her Display side foreleg with permanent ink by Lauren Faust herself."
Check out the auction on eBay - it ends Oct 27, 201107:28:04 PDT.


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