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The Humble Brony Bundle

By Cupcakes Nom, Guest Reporter

Introducing... The Humble Brony Bundle!

So, what is the Humble Brony Bundle? A way for bronies to come together and create a fund to buy one big copy of the Humble Indie Bundle, pooling our resources to become one of the top ten contributors. And by helping the cause you'll be supporting charity, indie gaming, and good publicity for all bronies everywhere!

Why should you join the Humble Brony Bundle cause?

You can see more info on these points at the Humble Brony Bundle website, but here is a quick overview:

The members of many fandoms are concerned about how others see them, and bronies in particular have some rather pastel-colored first impressions to overcome. Some people strongly fear bad press and will do anything they can to limit it.

I say... forget about the bad, let's make some GOOD press! Let's show the world that when bronies come together we make good things happen! What is the good? Well:

60% of all Humble Brony Bundle proceeds will be contributed to charity. This is split between two groups: Child's Play, who provides games to sick children in hospitals, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group of passionate digital rights experts and advocates working to maintain free speech and privacy on the Internet.

30% of all Humble Brony Bundle proceeds will be contributed to indie game developers, those guys out there making the small games we love and LIVING THE DREAM!

10% of all Humble Brony Bundle proceeds will be contributed to Humble Bundle, Inc., without which none of this would be possible!

How can you join the cause?

Go to the Humble Brony Bundle website and donate! If you aren't able to donate then please spread the word far and wide!

Currently we are number one on the Humble Indie Bundle top contributors list, thanks to hundreds of generous donations! However we are still accepting donations for two big reasons:

A) ALL leftover donations will be saved to be used on the next Humble Indie Bundle #4, coming soon!

B) If another big donor comes along we want to be able to match or exceed their contribution. A little healthy competition is ALWAYS a good thing when the proceeds benefit such great causes!

Thanks everypony, and have a great holiday season!

[Editor's Note: Thanks to Cupcakes Nom, our Guest Reporter. If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please Contact MLPNews].


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