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Ponyville Chronicles DVD + Very Slim Chance for Full Season DVD Set

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

A DVD titled "Ponyville Chronicles" is up for pre-order on Amazon for $10.49 (list price: $14.97) with a release date of February 28, 2012. TV Shows on DVD reports that the disc will contain five episodes and bonus material.

A DVD producer from Shout! Factory, the company producing the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVDs, responded to some pony fans' inquiries about the release of a full season DVD set:
Guys, I understand the "Brony" movement, but one thing has to remain clear. This show was not intended for the older audience as much as it was intended for children. Retailers don't take into account the size of the audience bigger than its target. The target for this series, like it or not, is children. And young children's DVDs do not sell well when in large disc-count sets. Parents don't want to shell out $30-$40 for four discs, when they can spend less on a single disc. So the retailers make it clear that they want single disc sets. 
We can create both, if the retailers agree to take both. But we cannot spend the necessary money to create complete season sets, if they're only going to sell online or at Shout! Factory Select, because retailers rejected them.
Fans then asked why cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants and Star Wars: Clone Wars have full season sets when they, too, are aimed at children. They received the following response:
Spongebob was turned into complete season sets, based on the sales of the individual discs, which were usually themed for something like Halloween or the "10 Best Tales." It should also be noted that the seasonal sets began coming out at the paramount of DVD sales, when people were shelling out for everything. A lot different than now. 
Nothing that carries the brand "Star Wars" is made entirely for the kids. In fact, while Lucas can claim it's for the kids all he wants, he's really marketing to the Star Wars collectors that do insist on spending their disposable income on things like complete season sets. You'll also find that's why much of that series is geared toward a more sophisticated level of writing and storytelling. 
My Little Pony is a different case, altogether. While developed for television by the wife of the borderline kids/adults series The Powerpuff Girls, this is still a show that is based on a young kids toy line and is aimed at young children who are learning the "magic of friendship." That adults have become big fans of the show is an added bonus. But the show is a children's show and children's shows sell A LOT better on single-disc compilations that parents can simply throw into the players and press 'play.'
Is the key buying loads of single DVDs? Parents writing in and requesting full season sets for their children? Not sure. As of right now, however, its seems that a full season set is not on the horizon for Friendship is Magic.

(source: Equestria Daily)

[Editor's Note: DVD title has been changed to "Friendship Express"]


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