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Holiday Matsuri Pony Party

By Rebecca, Events Editor

There ain’t no party like a Pinkie Pie Party cause a Pinkie Pie Party don’t stop! Get ready for Challenges, Excitement, Games, Pony Prizes and CANDY! All of Equestria is invited to come and test their pony knowledge, sing the pony songs, discover their pony talents and avoid being banished to the moon! Be prepared to show Princess Celestia that friendship truly is magic!

Ponies and Bronies are encouraged to come and show off their -fully covered- flanks! That’s right! There will be a mini costume contest during this event so put your best cutie mark forward! The winner of this mini costume contest will not only be 20% cooler, but will also receive the ultimate winter wrap up prize! A 2011 Pinkie Pie Christmas Ornament!

Due to the increased interest in this event Holiday Matsuri is letting all bronies attend without a convention pass for a small entry fee of $5! This fee will help cover the cost of the super awesome pony prizes and games that will be available at this event! We have over 40 fabulous pony prizes to give out!

So come one and all to the Holiday Matsuri My Little Pony Party 2011!

Check out the website here!


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