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Brony Merch - Custom Toy Directory & More

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

A blog called Brony Merch contacted us on our Tumblr to let us know about their new service! This blog will help promote artists who make and sell My Little Pony items such as custom toys, plush, sculptures, cosplay materials, jewelry, and more! If you are an artist looking to promote your wares, or someone looking to buy unique My Little Pony items and customs, Brony Merch is a great place to start.

Rainbow Dash Custom by Modern Warmane

I'm not entirely positive, but it looks like they are focusing on Friendship is Magic/G4 items. They are still building up their blog so their FAQ is not complete, but you can contact them at their email address ( to ask if they will accept other generations.

This is the full message we received from Brony Merch:
Brony Merch - new blog for custom merchants! 
Hi there everypony! 
I have recently begun to compile a new merchandise blog at - we’re trying to create a place where people can come to find custom pony merchandise creators, and preview their wares! 
However, we’re having trouble compiling enough people and getting this out there. If you like custom pony merchandise, or are a creatore of some yourself, please check out our FAQ and share us to your friends! 
The bigger we get, the more useful we will be to everyone. 
Thank you!


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