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Apparently there's some sort of pony wedding going on?

The Hub is not being shy about there being a pony wedding coming up on the 21st, one could say they're marketing the heck out of it. What with the billboard showing up;

The Royal Wedding Website, which has a few pretty cool games (all of which are now unlocked), and a totally awesome party pack complete with wedding invitations.

And games, like Pin the Bouquet on Rarity;

The party pack has several other goodies, all of which are in PDF format, so you can print them out as big as you like! On the Royal Wedding page, click 'download the party pack' on the bottom right hand side.

And, there's a new promo ad!

There's also the Princess Cadence and Shining Armor playset, along with a styling Princess Cadence.

In case you forgot, Hub, and us at My Little Pony news are reminding you, there's a pony wedding coming up. It's going to be on TV, on April 21st, and there are going to be toys. I'm excited about! All those ponies, fancy dresses, a new princess, toys! It's going to be awesome.


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