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Australian FiM DVD sets

By Sam, New Ponies & Merch Editor

Image Source

The first two volumes of a five-volume My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVD set are up for pre-order on Madman, and will be released in June. Volume one is titled 'Friendship Changes Everything' and volume two is called 'That's What Friends Are For.' The friendship theme is as strong as always.

Also listed are two "Target exclusive" versions, though it does not mention what the differences are--if any--and the Target exclusives currently do not have covers. Each volume contains five episodes.

But what is most exciting of all for us collectors is the volume one collector's box (pictured above) which is said to contain an "exclusive gift." What could it be!?

It does not list which episodes will be on each DVD, so I can't say if they will be in chronological order or not, but I have my fingers crossed for a full season set! If they continue with five episodes per DVD, they will be shy one episode, but maybe they'll tack an extra one onto the last disc.


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