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New webpages from Hub and Hasbro. Wedding themed games, and another Ep.24 clip!

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

First up is a page to promote the royal wedding, the page is super cute. It has games featuring the Mane Six, some of which have been previously featured on Hub's website. You can play the games here. It also has a wedding party pack you can download, which has high-res wallpapers, printable hats, a wedding invite, and a couple games you can print out (pin the bouquet on Rarity). The hats, invite and games are in PDF format, so you can scale them up as big as you like and print 'em out! They're also line art, so you can colour them, too! That is pretty awesome. They're obviously trying to encourage people to have their own season finale parties! If I were 20 years younger and had matching Chromosomes, I would be all over this kind of party.

The other game is a series of puzzles, solve them and you get a two minute peak at the season finale! You can find that one here.

Oh boy, the wedding is soon! I'm definitely excited about it. I'm hoping to see lots of ponies in lots of different outfits. It should be awesome.


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