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Ponies, on my Io9?

Edward, TV & Movies Editor

Image by Nitlo, at Pixiv.

It's more likely than you think!

Io9, website full of geek, nerd, and other awesome news has recently gotten a sneak peek at the upcoming wedding episode. In case you forgot or have recently come out of coma, which is likely the only way you'd forget, the wedding episode premiers this Saturday, it's a two parter, a whole hour of ponies, and weddings, and inevitable songs! Oh boy!

Oh, yeah, the Io9 article, you can read it and watch it here.

Ooh, Applejack got her hair did, she looks faaaaaaab!

In other small news not worth it's own post, Sibsy has posted some more work of her original character, based on herself, on her DeviantArt.

I feel guilty saying that doesn't deserve it's own post, because the animator behind the nickname Sibsy (Sabrina Alberghetti) is a pretty awesome person. Either way, enjoy her arts!


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