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Pre-order Comic-Con Zecora from Toys R Us

By Sam, Editor in Chief

Zecora is up for pre-order on Toys R Us' website for $9.99 plus shipping. She is limited to one per customer. Toys R Us estimates they will start shipping her out on August 15, 2012.

You can check out Toys R Us' entire Comic-Con section here, which includes toys from Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Cartoon Network, and more.

About Derpy Hooves:
I know I am going to be asked, so here's the lowdown on Derpy:
According to the USA Today article on her, she will not be sold online until after SDCC is over. When she is, we will be available on for $19.99 plus shipping. Unlike limited edition ponies in the past, she will NOT be sold in the My Little Pony Fair webshop. You can also try your hand at snagging her on eBay!

I will make a post as soon as she becomes available in Hasbro's shop. Keep in mind that supplies will be limited!


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