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Season 3 news from NYCC!

By Sam, Editor in Chief

Image Source

November is only a few short weeks away! I found this video on Tumblr taken today at New York Comic Con which shows a short clip from the upcoming Crystal Empire episode. It hasn't been uploaded to Youtube yet from what I can tell. When it is, I will update this post with an embedded video.

Equestria Daily and PictishBeast at Ponygoons have also leaked some S3 info from the NYCC panel:

  • An official soundtrack has been strongly hinted at.
  • Both songs presented at the SDCC panel are from the first episode of the new season.
  • There is a new villain who goes by the name of King Somber. You can find more info on him here, but beware of spoilers!
  • Discord may be returning, and we may be in for another visit to Manehattan.
  • More background on Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!
  • A possible (very speculated) trip to the Griffon Kingdom.
I'll keep you guys posted as more news comes in!


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