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Merchandise Round-Up Pt 2!

By Sam, Editor in Chief

Image Source
My Little Pony "Horsin' Around" fleece fabric is available online at Hancock Fabrics for $14.99 per yard (currently on sale for $7.99 per yard). This fabric has also been found at Jo-Ann and Walmart, but prices in store may vary.

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I haven't done one of my Pony Fashion Friday posts in ages (I'm going to try to start them up again soon!), but WeLoveFine has certainly been keeping up with their pony merch. Recently they released this adorable Rainbow Dash "Hug Me" backpack. It is available online for $50.00. Fits adults 13+.

My Little Pony coloring books are pretty abundant now. There are so many that it seems silly to keep updates on them, but this one features new artwork and appears to be character-focused so I thought I would give it a highlight. According to Equestria Daily, it was found at a Rite-Aid in Tennessee, but should be available elsewhere.

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A Swedish board game using blind bag figures as pieces. Features Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Lyra Heartstrings. Thanks again to Equestria Daily for this find.


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