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MLP headphones, free paper craft gift, + more at Hot Topic

By Sam, Editor in Chief

Lots of Hot Topic news this week!

Very pretty Rainbow Dash themed over-ear headphones. They go for $29.50 on their website.

Rainbow Dash earbuds. $12.50 on their website.

They have also added Rainbow Dash knee-high toe socks ($9.50), a 5-pack of no-show socks ($14.50), cutie mark belt with Rainbow Dash belt buckle (reversible - has the mane six and Ditzy Doo on the opposite side) ($24.50), pegasi themed hot pants ($19.50), and a Royal Pony Wedding DVD ($13.99).

They are also offering a free gift with a MLP purchase of $25 or more--Nightmare Moon-themed paper craft!


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