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News regarding the S3 finale and Twilight Sparkle

Beware of spoilers!

This news broke while I was in class, so many of you are probably already aware of the Entertainment Weekly article on the season three finale. It looks like some of those shady rumors from December are true--we now know for certain that Twilight Sparkle is becoming an alicorn (winged unicorn, pegacorn, whatever you'd like to call it) princess!

The episode will air on February 16, 2013 at 10:30 EST on The Hub, preceded by a nine-episode My Little Pony marathon. The Hub is also holding a "Coronation Concert" in Los Angeles, California on February 9, 2013, hosted by Miss America Malory Hagan.

Along with Twilight's new princess status comes a new line of toys from Hasbro which will see release this fall. Quotes are from the EW article--they can explain all this loot better than I can!:

This extra-large Twilight Sparkle figurine boasts all sorts of interactive features: “Her head moves, her eye blinks, her wings flap, they light up, when you roll her across the ground the wings move,” explains MLP brand marketing director Donna Tobin. Twilight also talks, spouting phrases like “I’m a princess now!” or “I love when you comb my hair!” when her mane is brushed. All that interaction will cost parents a pretty penny — at $49.99, this is the most expensive toy in the collection.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic‘s third season opened with the Mane 6 discovering the Crystal Empire — and come fall, fans can snag a Crystal Palace to call their own. “It also attaches to our Canterlot Wedding Castle,” says Tobin, which “really extends that magical experience for the girl.” The palace comes with a telescope and a treasure chest stuffed with accessories that fit a smaller Twilight Sparkle figurine, also included; “it’s the only place that a little girl can get that size [of Twilight],” Tobin notes. ($24.99)

Every princess needs a special set of wheels — and all the better if it’s driven by a dragon. This “fabulously ornate” aqua convertible comes with its very own magical chauffeur — a.k.a. Spike, Twilight’s confidante — as well as Rarity, a pony who enjoys the finer things in life. “Our major objective [is] to completely sync entertainment and our toy line,” says Tobin, noting that Hasbro and My Little Pony‘s overseers regularly discuss “story arching, how that works from an entertainment perspective, and also how it works for our core line and our brand development.” ($22.99)
This set also sees a brand new figure of Spike the dragon! He appears smaller than his previous mold but also stands on two legs, more accurate to his depiction on the show.

Finally, Hasbro will release a set of Princess Packs, which come complete with two ponies — Princess Twilight and Rainbow Dash or Princess Cadance and Applejack — as well as an assortment of colorful barrettes. ($12.99)
Behind the cut is an exclusive look at Princess Twilight as well as a screenshot posted on The Hub's Facebook page.


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