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4th Dimension Entertainment MLP Plush

It truly is the year of the My Little Pony plush. Since our plush run-down, we have seen Japanese UFO catcher plush and now... 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) plans on entering into the pony plush business, starting with this lovely 10.5" Twilight Sparkle plush. She will run you $24.95.

These may also be the first G4 products to feature cutie marks on both sides, true to the show's style.

The plush will be arriving in spring/summer (June, according to their press release). Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie will be joining Twilight for their first wave, with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity following shortly after to round off their second. From their press release:
The plush in the first and second assortments will be available for purchase at your local comic book retailer, at various tradeshows and conventions, as well as online at Prepare for the first of the line to go on sale in June, and to be the perfect gift for the My Little Pony fan in your life!
Keep an eye on the pony segment of their website for news and updates!

(via Equestria Daily, 4DE)


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