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Calling all artists!

G3: Toola Roola by *Pinkanon
We received this message from Ethan Pow of Alicorn Radio and Drakeal Network LLC. If you are an artist who would like to have your work promoted at My Little Pony conventions for the possibility of obtaining commissions, read on:
Hello, I am Ethan Pow, I run and Operate Alicornradio and Drakeal network LLC.

I wanted to spread the word around as much as possible as the first convention I am attending is coming up soon "Cloudsdale Congress

Drakeal Network LLC is a company that handles and helps artists to get commissions and such at conventions by providing them a way to be promoted at a table Drakeal network LLC handles. As not all artists can attend many or all conventions I make it my job to help artists that want to be promoted. 

All artists that do want to use this service MUST pass our guidelines, if examples of their work is not at a commissionable level then we will not accept them.

This means I am making this service free (But limitations do occur) I need at least 50 artists that I promote with Pages. Said artists must design and be approved to be showcased in our binder that we show passerby and hopefully get them a commission.

The service itself is free unless we have to handle money on their behalf (Or they wish to pay upfront). If they make a url where a commission can be made then we will direct the commissioner if they want to get a commission by them or they can write down the commission.

Also being signed up and approved doesn't guarantee they will be promoted at all... Paid artists always get listed at all the conventions we attend: [link] We are planning to go to Pony conventions for 2013... we may end up going to more if we get more artists they pay and enough revenue is in to attend more.

Also some artists don't want commissions but need content they make to be sold at a convention. That can be arranged and if an artist wants us to pay first for content to be sold or when we sell it at a convention and the money is sent in bulk to them... But this is a case by case basis.

If anyone is interested PLEASE contact me by a note OR you can E-mail me at


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