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More from the Nuremberg International Toy Fair

Apparently this database of images was posted on a German pony board. It includes several new products showcased at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. We are already aware of the Nici plush and new Funrise plush, so let's see what else there is!

Looks like Hasbro is releasing a line of My Little Pony play beauty products. Pictured are a mirror, hair dryer set, and styling Pinkie Pie head. The database also has a picture of a child-size vanity with a stool.

MORE plush! These ones have very fuzzy manes. Pictured are Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Feathermay or Cheerilee (?), two different Spikes, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. Not sure who the maker is for these.

EDIT: According to MLP Arena, these plush may be made by Aurora, who also have a MLP license.

Also worth noting:

G3.5 plush! I'm not sure if these are old or if they're going to be released in the future. Pictured are Toola-Roola and Pinkie Pie. The database also had a G3.5 Scootaloo.

A doctor set, playhouse, and electronic cash register with My Little Pony stickers.

As there were no notes on these, I'm not sure when or where they will be released.

(via MLP Arena)


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