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G4 Merch Round-Up - Book w/ figures, Littlest So Soft

My Busy Books by Phidal has put out a My Little Pony book. It comes with a playmat and 12 plastic figures. So far this book has been found at Walmart and Barnes & Noble. You can order it from B&N's website here for $8.98. Not a bad price for all that's included!

Image Source
Figures are the mane six, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Image Source
Three new Littlest So Soft dolls have been found on Greek site Kapsis.

White earth pony with pink and yellow mane. Comes with a blanket, bottle, and toy bear.

Pinkie Pie feeding set. Comes with bottle, bib, bowl, and spoon.

A pegasus pony, possibly Rainbow Dash. Comes with blanket, pacifier, toy duck, and something else I can't quite make out.

EDIT: We have been told this pegasus is named Cottonbelle. The last item she comes with is baby powder.

The official release date for these three is currently unknown.

Sources: MLP Arena, Kapsis, MLPG4Merch


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