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New blind bags! Flim, Flam, & more!

Special thanks to Aquatic Neon on Tumblr for showing this to me! New wave of blind bags continues with the clear body, solid mane scheme, called the "Neon-Bright Collection". We are getting some unique characters this time, many of which we saw in solid form in Miniature Collection sets and others new to us at the Toy Fair, including Flim, Flam, Granny Smith, Gilda the griffin, Princess Cadance, and Lotus Blossom. We now have unicorn stallions in Shining Armor's mold as well.

Image Source

Image Source

I apologize if I misread any of the names. From left to right, top to bottom:
Applejack, Big Macintosh, Royal Riff, Mosely Orange, Gilda, Flam, Flim (Can't make out his name with my bad eyes, haha, but it looks like it says Flem Skem? Stem? Doesn't look like there are any 'I's in there), Fluttershy, Granny Smith, Skywishes, Princess Cadance, Golden Harvest, Flower Wishes, Pinkie Pie, Sassaflash, Comet Tail, Rainbow Dash, Sunny Rays, Gardenia Glow, Lemon Hearts, Rarity, Ribbon Wishes, Lotus Blossom, Twilight Sparkle

(via Tumblr)


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