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New brushable prototypes! Wysteria, Pinkie Pie

josiekat on MLP Trading Post found these G4-style ponies being auction off by a Chinese seller on eBay.

First up is who appears to be Wysteria, a popular character from the third generation of ponies.

Image Source

Second is a rather unique looking Pinkie Pie. Her cutie mark has pink, white, and black balloons.

Because these are prototypes, they may never see an official release, but they are definitely cool to look at! They are similar to the "crystal" ponies that were popping up on Taobao a few months back. You can see Fluttershy here, but the rest of the mane six were also found in various styles. Unfortunately, these were never found in stores, assumed by fans to be part of the Crystal Empire line due to their appearance.These new prototypes may be Hasbro's second attempt at glittery brushable ponies, or they may be excellent knock-offs. We won't know for sure until we see an official source.

(Sources: MLP Trading Post, MLPG4Merch)


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