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New G4 products - Crystal Motion, Fashion Style, Deluxe Miniature Collection

Here's a look at Fashion Style Princess Twilight Sparkle and single release Princess Cadance. Whereas Pinkie Pie had a bunch of hats to decorate, these two have their own themes--purses for Twilight and shoes for Cadance. Cadance is to be released in the spring and Twilight in the fall.

The remaining mane six (Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity) will be receiving Crystal Motion figures. For those who aren't familiar, Crystal Motion ponies are brushable figures that move in different ways depending on their species. Unicorns bob their heads as if casting magic, pegasi flap their wings, and earth ponies rear up/jump. These will be released in the fall.

The Elements of Harmony Friends Deluxe Miniature Collection set we saw at the Toy Fair will be released in the fall as well, along with another Deluxe set featuring babies Pound and Pumpkin Cake. It doesn't mention who else will be in that set, but it's a good bet that we will be seeing Mrs. and/or Mr. Cake and possibly Pinkie Pie.
Fan favorite characters from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” are now collectible figures with these MY LITTLE PONY deluxe miniature collections. For the first time, fans of the animated series can find beloved ponies like the loveable POUND CAKE and PUMPKIN CAKE twins, and add creatures like a sea serpent and manticore to their MY LITTLE PONY collection. Each DELUXE MINIATURE COLLECTION set includes five to six pony friends. Choose from two sets; each sold separately.
(via The Rock Father, MLPG4Merch)


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