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More Equestria Girls Dolls Leaked - Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack

New images of upcoming Equestria Girls dolls surfaced on German site Fashion Doll World. The dolls look more in line with what we will see on store shelves than the prototype image leaked earlier.

First up is a double-pack with Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight Sparkle. Each doll comes with an outfit, comb, earrings, misc accessories, and "Club Card" that you will be able to access online. In addition to that, Twilight comes with her crown, stickers, and a pair of clip-on wings. The pack also comes with a DVD of some sort--whether that contains Equestria Girls material or an episode of Friendship is Magic remains to be seen.

Like the protoype images, the dolls have pony ears, ponytail-tails, and cutie marks on their faces. Sunset Shimmer looks to have cutie mark-esque decals on her leg and boots, as well as two differently colored legs. This could be intentional as contrast to her hair color, or a flaw that will be corrected in the final product.

Here is a single pack containing Applejack. She comes with a comb, stickers, hat, and "Club Card". And hey, she has her freckles!

Aside from a few small details (Applejack's ears are no longer grafted to the top of her hat), the dolls still look very similar to the prototypes.

(via Fashion Doll World, MLPG4Merch)


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