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Recent Hasbro Press Release on MLP

Hasbro put out a My Little Pony press release on June 19.

It's pretty standard, but includes some neat info:
  • Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are the most successful plush line in Build-a-Bear's history! This is very cool news. Twilight Sparkle (pictured above) is set to hit stores this fall (previous rumor was August). The press release does not mention if Spike or Fluttershy will be tagging along with her. (For more, click here.) 
  • Hasbro is expanding its plush lines and has signed on to a number of licenses, many of which we have already seen (Funrise, Aurora, TY, NICI, 4th Dimension, etc.). They plan to launch several lines across North America, Europe, and Latin America.
  • IDW will be producing Equestria Girls material, assumed to be comics. There will also be EQG accessories produced by Fashion Angels.
  • Hasbro has agreed to several publishing deals with European companies who will be producing material for fans in the UK, Italy, Germany, and the Nordic countries. Little Brown and Company, Bendon, and IDW will continue to publish goods for My Little Pony. For info on new and upcoming MLP books, click here, here, and here.
  • There will be a rise in brand offerings for fashion accessories like sleepwear, t-shirts, jewelry, and hair accessories. From the press release:
  • Licensees like FAB, Jerry Leigh, Truffle Shuffle, Knitmania, Somerbond, Freegun and Rudolph Stein will bring products to retail throughout the year all around the globe. An expanded apparel line targeting both girls and women will also roll out at H&M throughout the year.
2013 is an exciting year for My Little Pony and the brand is stronger than ever. Let's hope this love of ponies will keep going!


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