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SDCC 2013 Exclusive Revealed: DJ P0N-3

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USA Today revealed this year's Comic-Con exclusive pony: DJ P0N-3, who has managed to keep herself hidden until now. The exclusive will be seeing a price increase this year ($49.99) but for good reason--DJ's cutie mark, horn, and glasses are embellished in Swarovski crystal elements, and the rest of her dazzles with glitter in honor of this year's theme: The Crystal Empire. Even her packaging is going to light up. To my knowledge, this is the first completely molded con exclusive.

The Hasbro panel at SDCC 2013 will feature voice talent from the cartoon and previews for the fall line of toys. There will also be a poll for fans to elect their favorite mane six pony. The vote will go live on July 22, 2013 at

As to whether or not DJ P0N-3 will be the 2013 Pony Fair exclusive as well, I'm not sure. It seems plausible though, seeing as the exclusive was shared between the two conventions last year.

(via USA Today, MLPG4Merch)


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