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Merchandise Round-up

Enterplay is holding a "We Missed the Con!" sale for their limited edition DJ P0N-3 poster and foil card. You can pick up the set on their website for $12.00. The offer ends tomorrow, so grab them while you can! Available to US residents only.

A few of Toys R Us' exclusive My Little Pony toys for 2013 are now available for purchase on their website. Deluxe talking Nightmare Moon (pictured above) can be found here for $22.99 and Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash can be found here for $9.99.

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4th Dimension Entertainment revealed their Fluttershy plush at San Diego Comic-Con, as well as previews for mini-plush. Fluttershy is not available for pre-sale on their website yet, but you can still order Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie here. According to Equestria Daily, pre-sale orders for Twilight have recently started shipping. Fluttershy should be available some time in the fall. You can see more photos here.


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