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Misc. G4 Merchandise

My Little Pony boogie board and Pinkie Pie Snorkeling Set.

Photo and find by gabumon on MLP Arena.

Various My Little Pony crafts and activities! First is a set of "Glitter Cutie Marks" -- temporary tattoos and stencils you can apply with body paints. Second set is called "Scratch & Sparkle" which contains different items with scratch-off designs. It includes greeting cards, bookmarks, a door hanger, and tags. Last is a "Sparkle Trinket Box" -- a cute heart-shaped box you can paint and decorate yourself! These were found at The Entertainer for £7 each.

Photos and find by PitterPatter on MLP Arena.

Spiral notebooks found in the "Back to School" section at Walmart. They are $1.97 each. There are four different designs shown here.

Photos and find by Bronley on MLP Arena.


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