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More Rainbow Rocks!

A few more Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls dolls have been found on Kmart's website.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash here are what appear to be "deluxe" versions. They come with an instrument, an additional pair of shoes, and a "backstage pass". Neither doll comes with a brushable pony like the Rarity we posted earlier. They are $19.99 each.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and another version of Rainbow Dash are basic versions that come with a skirt, "backstage pass", and headset, and have molded tops. They are $12.99 each.

Also on Kmart's website is a hairstyling Rainbow Dash doll. She comes with several different hair accessories and extensions and is currently for sale for $21.86. She is not part of the Rainbow Rocks line but we haven't posted her before so! Here she is!

You can find Kmart's entire selection of Equestria Girls here. Of the Rainbow Rocks dolls, only Rarity is currently available for preorder.

(via Equestria Daily)


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