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Taobao Finds - Styling Size Rarity, Rainbow Power Fluttershy, Alicorn Fluttershy

Just a few prototype ponies that have appeared on Taobao recently. As with all Taobao finds, we are not aware of their release date or if they will even receive a release.

First is a Styling Size Rarity. She corresponds to the Pinkie Pie found months back. Pinkie Pie has been found in package and is also the base for the Chinese New Year Pinkie, so Rarity's release seems promising. She stands 22 cm tall (~8").

Like Pinkie Pie and Rarity, this Fluttershy comes in the extra large "styling size" but as you can see, this little lady has a rather curious appearance. She's an alicorn! Normally we would wave this away as a fun factory error. Taobao has produced many "alicorns" that were nothing more than accidental head swaps. However, it's certainly strange that they produced a Fluttershy head with a horn. Chances are, she's one of a line of mistakes, similar to the wingless Fashion Style Rainbow Dash we saw last year. She is a unique find though and I wanted to post her here -- mistake or not! You can read Galactica's review of alicorn Fluttershy here on MLP Arena.

Finally we have Rainbow Power Fashion Style Fluttershy (what a mouthful!). FS Fluttershy is sporting a brand new eye and wing mold. The Rainbow Power version comes with multi-colored hair decorated with fabric ribbons, glittery eye shadow, and a "twice as fancy" butterfly design on her display side hind leg.

(via MLP Arena, Everfree News)


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