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New Plush! - Possibly bootlegs, possibly... G4 Breezies prototypes?

These little guys were found on Taobao by MLP Arena user Rhini. Since none of these ponies have cutie marks, it would lead us to believe they are bootlegs. However! They also all have semi-transparent, insect-like wings.

One of the upcoming My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes is titled "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies". It has been suggested that the Breezies -- a species of insect pony from the G3 era, also featured in several movies and "The Runaway Rainbow" game -- will be making a G4 appearance!

Pink Petals via Strawberry Reef

Now the G3 Breezies do have symbols. They also have antennae. While we don't know if G4 Breezies will share these traits, it does make us wonder. Could these plush be G4 Breezies prototypes? Or just fakies with unique wings? We here at MLP News don't know for sure, but we wanted to share them with you just in case! Either way, they're neat little plush with very nice color schemes.


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