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News from London Toy Fair!

Sorry for the lack of posts around here, pony fans. I have been busy with both work and school.

However, here's some news from London Toy Fair, brought to us by idlemichael from the MLP Forums. Most of it is toy news, but there is some new movie news too!

idlemichael mentions new 28" plush from TY, probably large versions of their smaller Beanie Babies.

The biggest news is quoted below:
One thing they're really pushing is their POP range - basically, build and customise your own ponies. You get these pony bodies that come on sprues that you POP out (get it?) and push together. They come with loads of accessories and have holes all over the body to push said bits and pieces into. You could have, for example, a Fluttershy body with Twilight wings and Pinkie hair, that kind of thing. There'll also be a play set for you to show them off in. Oh, and they're teeny - about 2" high.

The HUGE push though? The new Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks. The girls are back and performing in a battle of the bands - each come with their own instruments, and Pinkie has a drum kit! There's a big stage for them to perform on, and loads of other characters will be released for the movie too. Best one? DJ Pon-3, who has a car! With the windshield that looks like sunglasses! That can be removed so you can wear them!
The POP toys sound super cute! Not to mention that Equestria Girls is back! And we have an origin for those various Rainbow Rocks dolls. We have seen the mane six and Trixie Lulamoon, but it looks like we're getting DJ P0N-3 and tons of other characters as well.

(via heckyeahponyscans)


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