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NY Toy Fair 2014 Roundup Part 2: New Pony!

Like last year, new brushable characters are scarce at Toy Fair. However, one has finally popped up outside of a set with Equestria Girl dolls. The above ponies are decorated with cute pastel dots. Pictured are Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Holly Dash!

Here is a clearer shot of the deluxe Chrysalis, new Equestria Girls dolls and Photo Finish brushable. She has a cute fabric outfit. These are reportedly Toys R Us exclusives.

Fun shot of the POP ponies.

Another overview shot. New items here: Styling Strands Rarity (middle), MLP Chutes & Ladders (top right), and  Design-a-Pony Princess Cadance (bottom left). Also in the top right corner are re-releases of Fashion Style Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie with new outfits.

Info and photos via Idle Hands. Visit the source for more photos including Equestria Girls, blind bags, plush, and various MLP accessories.


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