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New Ponies: Princess Gold Lily and Princess Sterling

I'm trying to catch up on some news from my unexpected hiatus. Here are some interesting new ponies for you!

The 2014 Toy Fair showcased little in the way of new characters, but these two mysterious ladies popped up on Kmart's online store. Not only are they new characters... they're princesses! Princess Gold Lily and Princess Sterling will be released in two-packs with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, respectively. They are part of the Rainbow Power line. Both princesses are in Princess Celestia's mold with brushable hair and tail, and each come with a crown and comb. As often happens with Kmart, it looks like these two were listed early and were promptly pulled from the site, but you can see the remains of their listings here and here.

No info as to who these two are -- whether they will be new characters in the cartoon or upcoming Rainbow Rocks movie, or if they're simply ponies designed for the toy line. Whatever the case, I'm sure happy to see some new ponies!

(via All About MLP Merch)


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