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New Listings - Pony Pop, Equestria Girls

Some interesting new items popped up on recently. We have seen most of these before, however not for sale. It also gives us a look at some of the packaging for the Pop ponies.

Equestria Girls Super Fashion Twilight Sparkle - $26.99 CDN

Equestria Girls DJ P0N-3's Rockin' Convertible - $24.99 CDN
Looks like the doll will be sold separately for this set.
Pop Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe - $24.99 CDN

Hopefully this means these items will be turning up in stores soon. Both Twilight and the Pinkie Pie Pop playset are temporarily out of stock. DJ P0N-3's car is available, however it will take up to five weeks to ship.

(via MLP Arena)

Photo Finish Brushable

We saw this little lady at Toy Fair, but she was difficult to see in the pictures. She has finally popped up on Taobao, so here are some close-up photos of her! Her glasses are painted on, and she also appears to have stylized bangs. As we saw at the Toy Fair, she will be accompanying her Equestria Girls doll and will also come with a dress.

(via MLP Arena)