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Sugarcup Playful Pony - Cupcake Clone

Photos via StrawberryReef at the MLPTP

StrawberryReef at the MLPTP posted these pictures of Cupcake and a new playful pony, Sugarcup. There are several theories on the similar ponies:
  • They are twin ponies (twin baby ponies were part of the G1 line, though they were sold in pairs). The reversal of the hair pattern may be an indication of twins with a slight difference to differentiate between them.
  • They may be different names for US and International releases - perhaps the pony called Cupcake in the US will be called Sugarcup in Europe. (This may also be the case with Lulu Luck/Lucky Swirl).
  • Sugarcup may have been an earlier name for Cupcake, and the image of Sugarcup is of a prototype. rayechu at the MLPTP pointed out that Sugarcup does not have a TM, supporting this theory.


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