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Guest Site Highlight:!

By, Guest Reporter

All across the internet, there are many different communities dedicated to various kinds of media, from music to TV, books, magazines and more! Since the advent of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series from Hasbro, many communities have popped up in support of the wonderful themes and messages from the show. The spirit of the show promotes harmony, friendship, and many aspects of it that brings so many people around the world together around a common theme and it is in this spirit that one community has been created with the intent of bringing us all together to expand in the wonderful universe that Hasbro has given us.

Thus, was born! This community is designed to promote and share the concepts of the Elements of Harmony given to us by the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show! In this community, we share artwork, fanfics, music and more! If you have artwork, music, stories and poems, news and articles, personal achievements, we'd like to see it in our community. Our Forum welcomes ponies of all shapes and sizes and ages as well, and our staff works diligently to ensure that the community promotes tolerance and acceptance within it.

We also have a very large and flexible Roleplay Section where you can bring your own characters to romp and play within the Magical Land of Equestria! We're always adding new features and we take suggestions for expansion within the world beyond what is merely shown in the show. In addition to playing ponies, we also allow other species from Greek and Heraldic (Medieval) influences, as well as other mythological creatures we feel fit within the Equestrian Universe. If you have a new species you would like to see, we would like to hear about it! We're always looking for more new ponies and we hope to see you there!


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