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The Italian Man who went to Equestria.

"I want to pony."
"Then go to Equestria!"
"You don't understand, I want to pony on my TV!"

Maybe you'll get the reference, maybe you won't, google The Italian Man who went to Malta. Foals, fillies, and colts, ask your parents to watch the videos first.

What I'm trying to say is Friendship is Magic is making it's way to Italy. A lot of people think Italy is the capital of Rome. This is not true. It's the other way around. And soon, both Italy and Rome will be able to their get pony fix in Italian.

First North America, then Spain, France, now Italy, soon, the world. Can't stop the pony, yo.

Check out an Italian spot for Friendship is Magic here;

In other Italian news, a reader by the name of 'Grifen' has informed us about the Italian MLP community! Read what he had to say here;

"Hello! I think some of your Italian readers would like to know that there's an Italian Friendship is Magic community! We have a forum called 'Cutie Mark Crusaders', and you can find it here. We also have an Italian language blog to accompany the forum, called 'The Horror, The Horror!', which you can visit here. Both the blog and the forum are in Italian. And you can head to our facebook page!

As well, Italia 1, one of the bigger TV channels in Italy is going to start airing the first season! It's going to premiere on August 29th, at 8:20. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Italian TV networks have yet to realize how popular Friendship is Magic is. I'm not sure how well Italia 1 is going to treat it, seeing as in the past they've had a bad track record with translating cartoons.

I have some episodes on YouTube with Italian translations, too! You can check those out here.



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